Round Paperclip USB Webkey


If you are looking to drive traffic to your website, the webkey is the best choice! What are webkeys? Webkeys contain a customer designated web URL. When a user plugs the USB webkey into a computer, a small program runs which opens a web browser window and launches the designated web page. Webkeys have no memory to store data and they are more inexpensive than USB drives. Another benefit of webkeys over USB flash drives, is webkeys only launch a webpage the information users see is always the latest information on customer's webpage. There are two types of webkeys: Paper Webkeys or USB Webkeys (available in most USB models)


Price from $1.483 - $2.883

Pricing and Charges
Quantity Price Per Unit 300 -499 $2.883 500 -999 $2.10 1000 -1999 $1.70 2000 -2999 $1.633 3000 -3999 $1.517 4000 + $1.483

Price Includes: Webkey with no memory capacity, setups, VP, Logo PMS matching, URL setup, Lifetime warranty